You Are Not Your Things

There was a time when I had so many books in my room that I had piles of them stacked on bedside tables and I could have filled four book cases. I had a lot of books that I had not even read but they were sitting there because I was going to read them eventually. I came to the conclusion that I was buying the books and keeping them with the intention of reading them but, instead of reading a book then getting another one I was collecting them for some unknown reason.

As a child I had always been calm around a pile of books and my other used to tell me a funny story on how to get me to stop crying as a young child she used to put in a the middle of a pile of books. I had realised that there was something Karmic going on from a past life so, I had to break the habit of collecting more and more books that I would end up not being able to physically read.

This triggered a thought that my books or things do not define me. This was the same with any material things you collect, never use or use only once. Those things do not define you. Once I realised that I was able to let go of some of my books and declutter. I donated a lot of books to my nephews school and even gave some of them away. At least they would come to good use.

It was really freeing to release the ties to those things that do not have a hold on you. Plus on a side note I was able to get e-books of the titles that I gave away so, storing the books on my Samsung tablet was a much better decluttering idea than physically holding them.

I found carrying a Samsung tablet much easier on my back than carrying one or two books around with me. Plus how many times can you carry 100 or 1,000 books at once. At the moment I think I have up to 3,000 books on my tablet via an SD card in my tablet. This is something I working on too at the moment so I don't collect more and more files.

Is there something you are hoarding right now that you don't need or use and you can free yourself from?

I am not saying you need to give your things away but, if there is something that is an unhealthy attachment or you are collecting that is not serving you then it is time to re-evaluate the reason you hold on to these things. Remember you are not your things and when de-cluttering if it does not mean something to you and you are keeping it for the sake of keeping it then you need to ask why? Why are you keeping it?

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