Weigh In Day - Week 2 - 25th of Jan 2021

This is week two of my goals to loose weight and by making it public it does cement the process with more accountability. It will help others who are also trying to loose weight to understand they are not alone in the trials and tribulations when it comes to loosing excess kilos.

This week I ended up weighing myself on Tuesday 26th of Jan. It was not that I forgot but it was because I normally weigh myself in the morning after my visit to the toliet and with no clothes on. This is your lightest weight. Monday it didnt go to plan so, I did it Tuesday.

I did go up 0.2kg again this week which was very disheartening but, ironically I found some great advice on tik tok. It probably is surprising to you but, there are some good people on tik tok but like anything there are those that give advice which it is just rubbish.

When I do put on weight I would normally go through what I ate and if I ate more carbs than normal. Even look at my exercise for that week on what I did or didn't do and of it was enough.

There was a tik tok person called Eric Robert who is gives good advice if you want to look him up. He said if you haven't lost weight it is probably because you haven't been consistent enough for 90% of the time.

This means if you are only meeting your calorie deficit 50% of the time chances are you wont get results. This reminded me to make sure I try to be more consistent but, it made me think of the things I was not doing consistent enough like drinking more water.

Oher advice I saw on tik tok:

  • The only diet that will help you loose fat is calorie deficit.

  • You dont have to give up carbs or the food you love but eat at calorie deficit

  • Cheat days ruin your hard work but instead eat at maintenance

I do have a bad habit of weighing myself several times a week and once a week is actually a good achievement but, this week I did it on Wednesday as well and it showed I was down 0.5kg from Tuesday.

Weight loss is not linear. Meaning you won't loose every week. If you do have a straight line in your weight loss you have a problem cause you are not normal. Your weight will go up and down but ultimately in a trend that goes down. For women, hormones and their monthly period will also affect their weight loss.

I dont feel down about my progress because every week I learn from my progress and I see this as a life change. To keep weight off you need to treat it as a life change and not a merry go round where you loose weight and then put it back on.

One thing that is more important than anything and it wont magically appear if you loose weight, it is self esteem and self love. If you dont accept who you are right now and love who you are, then it wont happen if you loose weight. People who have low esteem and self hatred think it will go if they loose weight but it will still be there.

You need to work on your mindset as well as your body. Firstly you need to accept your body for what it is now. All its lumps, bumps and flaws. Then Secondly love yourself the way you are but loving yourself enough to loose weight and be healthy. Lastly, never let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful no matter what you look like. Those that do, don't have your best interests at heart.

It is important to mention that those that need help should seek a doctor and counsellor. It is always ok to put your hand up and ask for help.

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