Weigh In Day - Week 1 - 18th Jan 2021

Today was my weigh in day for my 2021 goal to lose weight.

Over the last week I joined the Total Body Project app. They had such a good work out range on youtube I had to try their work outs on their app. Their app is even better than YouTube and their group on Facebook is the best positive group I have come across on social media because everyone is soencouraging.

The Total Body Project app had such a good range of routines from HIIT, cardio, resistance as well as work outs that include resistance and cardio. I felt sore from the work outs but it was a good feeling in my body.

I am so happy that I had finally got back into an exercise routine. This was a big plus for me because all of the changes I had gone through in December 2020 had thrown me out my routine. This is my result that I am celebrating this week.

I did weigh myself this week because when you are trying to loose weight you should be doing the following:

  1. Weigh yourself weekly

  2. Take measurements bi-weekly

  3. A photo monthly

Weigh In

I jumped on the scales this morning and I put on 0.2kg from last week. I was hoping for loss especially since my exercise routine is back but it is not something that I am stressed about.

My struggle has been getting my exercise routine back and to have this back into my week is something I am proud of. In the last week I have done muscle work so, this can affect your weight if I have lost fat but gained muscle.

Something I didn't do well this week was make sure my tracking and calorie deficit was on point so for the next week I will make sure I get back to recording my food.

Being accountable is so important with food, and tracking your food gives you an idea on where you went right or wrong during the day or week. I dont feel bad about not tracking religiously over the last week and it is not the end of the world. When loosing weight there are weeks things will go right but always things to learn from.

If your view in loosing weight is that it is a short term goal then you need to re-evaluate your expectations because loosing weight is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

My journey means that this will be a life long change not something that will last for a year or two. The way I have approached weight loss means it is also manageable so I am able to make changes that don't feel like a sacrifice or feel like I am lacking. I am able to balance everything and this is important.

Some people may want to be strict and that is also personal choice but for me this is more than a temporary change it is a mind, body and spirit transition.

Weight loss is also about loving who you are and your body the way it is now, then having the self esteem to know that you want to be healthy.

Hating who you are wont change if you loose weight so, your mind set is so important. Loosing weight is not about the body only. If you have this idea that if you loose weight it will all be better then you will be disappointed. You need to make sure you alter how you think about food and your self. It will require you to search your beliefs that had been programmed into your mind on what your body should look like, what you should eat or how your results compare to others.

For myself the greatest things I am proud of is nothing to do with weight. It is mindset and healthy life choices. Let's hope next lot of weigh ins are better so I can reach my goal but, I am learning alot in the process.

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