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I know it has been a few weeks since I have given an update in regards to my weigh loss journey. It is not that I have stalled, quit or stopped but, life got in the way. I started a course into Age Care to really make a difference in the community and this is also a career change but, due to the course starting I was focused on keeping my routine and studying.

I made a big change in my diet over the last few weeks as well, I took up Optifast. I know there are some people that might be shaking their head or going 'oh no' but, to be honest if you have protein shakes they are not much different in regards to the taste but instead of post work out these are meal replacements.

Before anyone does weightloss surgery and I am not saying I am but, meal replacement shakes is what they make people start taking in lead up to and sometimes after their operation. I have tried in the past different brands of meal replacement shakes but I never followed through. I think that at the time my mind set was not where it is now. I feel I have a strong mindset and I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

I had never tried Optifast before and I noticed on Chemist Warehouse website they had a new line of Optifast shakes that includes Protein. I was interested in trying them out but while this was one of the reason I took it up I also had conversations. Mainly it was round what was the best way for me to approach my goal. Being healthy is so important and being overweight is not healthy. I have the tools under my belt that I could use any approach I wanted to follow through using. I had not tried this method in so long I wanted to revisit it to see now after all the self work I have done if I could make it work.

It was also time for me to really reset my diet and I felt I could do this with Optifast. I supplement my breakfast and lunch with the shake but I do have healthy snacks ready for in between. I have found making the shake with frozen banana or frozen berries while it lifts the calories a bit, it is also quite filling. If I don't use frozen berries that day I have them as a snack when I am hungry. They may be cold and hard but trust me they are so yummy plus lower in carbs.

It is important to note that you still need to calorie count because if you just eat crap still and go over your calorie target then it is not worth it. You are wasting your time.

During the last few weeks on the shakes, it has made me realise when I am actually hungry. I know this sounds strange but when you eat too much or out of routine you forget your body's natural signals on when you are actually hungry.

The main reasons a lot of people eat instead of being hungry are:

Habit and Time of the Day

You wake up and the first thing you want to do is have breakfast and you have not even checked in with your stomach to ask it, Are You Hungry?

You look at the clock and see that it is 12 noon so straight away you think its time for lunch. Have you checked in with your stomach to ask it if it is hungry.

The unhelpful thing our society is we have molded our eating habits around when we are told breakfast, lunch and dinner occur. So people think that breakfast is at 7am but what if for you it is 10am and Lunch is not at 12 noon but at 2pm. The sad thing is we govern our kids and now as adults around having to have lunch at a certain time no matter if we are hungry or not because we wont get a chance to eat until we finish school or work if we don't.

As children regular meals are important but as we become adults we forget what being hungry is like and, we keep to the same routine as when we are children. Adults can now talk to their stomach and assess when are they really hungry and we are eating more food than ever so knowing when you are hungry is so important especially if you are over weight. Being overweight isn't only because of eating at regular times it is also important to note that it is because you are eating too much. These shakes will help you realise when you are actually hungry.


People these days need to be constantly stimulated and it could be due to the new technology that makes us over stimulated by the social media and streaming services but as soon as we are not stimulated our mind becomes bored. It is something simple as you are watching TV and an advertisement comes on about some latest fast food, you are not hungry but, you want it. Now you don't need the food, but you want it. We have become a society that if we want something we go get it. We can't wait. If you had waited 30mins after having that craving you would realise that you were not hungry after all.

Pressures from Friends of Family

It is easy these days to eat because, you are out with friends and they are hungry but you are not or alternatively you have to eat because it is what they are eating. There may even be cultures where you have to eat or risk offending people whether it be family or friends.

My Results

Over the last 30 days while the first few weeks I had been up and down with weight loss overall I had lost 2.4Kg and that is due to taking on Optifast.

It is really important to remember while on Optifast that you need to still make sure the food you eat is nutritious and I still have a main meal at dinner time.

I have been really impressed with my progress so far and I will take this method as far as I can but, so far I am really enjoying it.

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