Update on weight loss

It has been a while since I have provided an update but, since starting a health reset this year after the end to 2020 was a bit hectic I have lost a total of 3kg.

It is not a bad figure but what has helped my progress lately has been getting back to pure weights and resistance with removing all soft drinks and increasing the water.

I have continued to include shakes in my diet which has helped me monitor actual hunger moments. Alot of flack has been given to shakes but if they work why not.

Covid19 has really put alot of peoples exercise routines in to disarray and I was so creative during lock down but moving and changing careers made me step back to reassess.

While I used to exercise 6 days a week if your diet isn't in calorie deficit nothing will work. Keto, fasting, and even no carb won't work of there is no calorie deficit. It isn't a long term sustainable solution. Also, if your doet isn't balance the long term affect to your help like cholesterol and sugar levels can be impacted if you are eating high amounts of one food group like fats. Our bodies need balanced diet not unbalanced.

Anyway, I have gone off track. I am happy with my current progress. Yes it could be quicker but, too quick you risk gaining it back. This isn't a quick fix for me I am looking for life change. Permanent changes and so far my method has helped me kick Junk food, bread and dairy habits.

Promise I will check in more often. Until then be healthy.

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