6 Tips to Overcome Distraction

Distraction is rife in our world today. We have snap chat, instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tumbler and tik tok. By the time you have gone through your social media times has escaped you. Then you wonder why you get nothing done.

I used to sit all day and read as a kid but now with all the technology I feel I am developing ADD. I do find distraction is easily found in this day in age.

To get around this I have listed techniques to help you get over the distraction dilemma.

  1. Turn off the TV. - Sometimes the TV is on but no one is watching it and it is there for noise. At times you are watching a show you would never had watched. Be brave. Turn it off and you then must do those things you need to do. Trust me you won't miss it and enjoy even just the peace and quiet.

  2. Quarantine your Mobile Phone. - when you wake up wait an hour before checking your mobile phone. When I have done this myself I got so much done in that hour.

  3. Get Stuff out of the way - if you need to do those little things then make sure you get them done first. Only then will those items that need more time can be allotted and completed.

  4. Make a list - on your phone or on a piece of paper and tick those things you need to get done as they are completed. Then you can binge watch on Netflix.

  5. Celebrate - those things you get done. Be kind to yourself.

  6. Use Habit app or calendar - if you are trying to create daily habits then use technology like your calendar or a habit app on your mobile phone to help you keep those habits happening every day.

Distraction doesn't have to dominate your life and make you think what if's or if I only had time. You can take real steps to dominate the distraction.

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