Spiritual Awakening, It Is a Real Thing.

As humans we yearn for community and we go along with societies constructs on how we should behave. Most of these are rules and regulations of behaviour but, there are those that don't want to be like everyone else.

They dont want to wear the same clothes or listen to the same music. In high school we think of those people who do not follow the crowd, wear different clothes or wont fit in as weird when really these people are discovering who they are. In some aspects a step ahead of those that don't really discover who they are until later in life.

As an adult we follow status quo on what is expected by society and there are those that have the filter of society removed and, their consciousness becomes awakened. They yearn for something more that is beyond the material world hence, they enter a spiritual awakening.

When you start to become awakened those relationships that were cemented in material matters may fall away because you no longer can go back to who you were. You may nothing in common with them now or your interactions with them are kept in a cordigal manner.

Your eyes become opened to things you never paid attention to before. It is the appreciation of the clouds in the sky, how they move with steady purpose and become what ever shape they wish to be. Once your eyes are opened the wonders of nature become magnificent.

You appreciate the moment and become more present. You feel more connected to nature, energy and universe.

For each person the awakening may be different and the most important thing is once you are awakened is to learn. Learn from people, books, online, videos or audio books.

It is always exciting when you are on a new journey and if people ask about your journey then definatly share your knowledge or experience but, I was always told to never impose your beliefs on another person. It is important in times of spiritual awakening that tolerance in beliefs become so important because as you do not want your journey to be critised you should not do the same to to others.

If it hasn't happened to you yet there is no need to worry it will happen when the time is right but, your already on the way if you yearn for it. Remember everything comes when it is meant to be so, maybe start with gaining knowledge through books, audio books or videos and the awakening will come.

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