Review of Angel Wisdom Tarot Deck

I love tarot and oracle decks but I also enjoy sharing them on YouTube so you can also see what they are like. In a world where we do a lot of online shopping we don't get to view the decks like we used to. Reviews help to see what the deck is like before making an online purchase. I have checked out other reviews as well before I have brought decks. Sometimes I will go off how I am feeling when I see or look at a deck even by looking online.

This is one of the new decks by Radleigh Valentine called Angel Wisdom Tarot. He has great decks and this doesn't disappoint either. The book is informative and the colour schemes are awesome with a gold and brown shades. The pictures are colourful and vibrant with the art work giving it a creative soulful feel. It follow the tarot structure with some cards renamed and the minor arcana changed a little. Check out the video below to see for yourself what the cards are like. If you are considering getting this deck you will not regret it.

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