New Year 2021, New Possibilities and Time to Set Goals

What a year 2020 was and I know when we started 2020 we didn't expect everything we went through. We didn't expect pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions and mandatory wearing of masks.

It seems as we enter 2021 the last few months in Melbourne Australia we were lead into a state of security with 0 cases after 61 days and then, as the virus currently escapes in NSW we have also have a resurgence due to the people visiting and crossing between the borders.

We can't view the situation as all doom and gloom because throughout this time we are realising what is truly valuable in our lives which is our friends, family and being healthy. In Australia we are seeing what is happening around the rest of the world, particularly in USA and UK on how the virus is out of control with the numbers of those infected or dying increasing. We must be a little grateful for how the politicians and our society has reacted to create our current environment. I think being a 'little' Island away from Europe and North America does work to our advantage.

This year as I thought about what I wanted to achieve in 2021 and I did worry if all the plans would be up disrupted by further pandemic related issues but, you can't really predict those things occurring. You have to live your life and not let worry or fear control your decisions. Letting fear or worry be the driver of your decisions gives room for poor decision making.

I faced the prospect of the new year and I still wrote down all my goals. I didn't limit it to one or two. I wanted to write down all the things I wanted to achieve this year and I did reach to over 20. Some were ridiculous but I know I will find a creative way to achieve them. I put a few in for laughs but, some were interlinked.

I will share my Goals through out the year as I start them and you will shake your head but dream big they say.

I implore you to do the same. This is the most effective process to go through to achieve your goals:

1. Write down all the things you want to achieve and even if it goes over two pages, keep writing. At this stage you don't have to write a paragraph just one sentence or a few words will be fine.

2. Go back through each line and write a detailed plan how you would go about achieving these. You don't need to start each one of them in four weeks or immediately because these goals are for all of 2021. For some of your goals you may start and finish them this year but some may go for longer but that is fine. You need to remember starting is better than not doing anything at all. Take one step at a time.

3. Pick one of the goals and start with that one first. Writing the date you started it and when you would expect it to be achieved. Sometimes you get hiccups that causes delays in achieving your goal and you don't finish on or before the expected date that is totally acceptable. The deadline is only there to keep you motivated.

4. Once you have the first goal in motion and you are confident to tackle the next one you can choose another one and do the same thing. Remembering you have written a plan on how you want to achieve them.

Don't limit yourself or allow negative attitudes to deter you. Those people that are successful people did not know everything at the start and they learned a lot along the way on what ways work as well as which ways do not work. Do not allow limits in 2021 and start achieving your goals now!

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