Mindfulness: A Necessity in our age.

Have you wondered how mindless we are? I do not mean it in a derogatory way but we let our mind go into automatic mode so often we don't truly enjoy those little moments.

Have you driven somewhere that you switched off and wondered how you go there because you dont remember the drive because your mind was so full with everything else, with other thoughts. Dont worry, it is so common if you have done this.

Have you eaten food and then finished so quickly you didn't enjoy the taste. Especially if someone goes how did you like the taste? But you ate it so quickly you couldn't say.

Mindfulness draws you back to the present moment. You allow your full consciousness to experience the moment you are in and it can transcend you soul.

Simple things like sitting in the sun enjoying the birds, the suns rays and the beautiful sunny sky. Those that quietened their mind and embrace the moment would appreciate it. If your mind is full or thoughts and worries you may miss the bird that soars past or that that sound was a dove not a pigeon. Miracles can be in little things.

Mindfullness is a spiritual place that must be in a person's daily practice no matter if you follow a conventional religion or not. It will just allow your consciousness to open. So often they take out that energy connection as they do with Meditation but these practices focus on stillness of the mind to bring you back to centre.

It will enhance your daily conversations or interactions with people to focus on your time and effort with them not your phone, what you will say or even your plans for next week. By allowing mindfulness into your relationships with people it enriches them because you place value in your interactions with them and not in the other things going on around you or in your mind.

Before you blow off this has hippie nonsense put your judgements aside and try these practices you have nothing to loose.

Mindfulness Practices to try:

  • Focus Mind on conversations by putting down your phone or technology. Dont think of what you will say next just listen to what the person has to say.

  • Focus on eating food and chewing the food, put your cutlery down between bites. Use your taste and smell to really embrace the food.

  • When you are sitting outside focus on the environment, the present moment

  • If you are walking out in nature focus on your steps and what is around you, the nature, the grass or trees

Remember it is putting your mind in the present is most important because there is a quote that states the past is gone and the future is yet to be so that is why now is called present becase now is a gift.

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