Meditation Blockers

Have you not meditated in a while or maybe you have never tried. Sometimes we can be blocked from meditating. These blockages can be physical, psychological or spiritual.

You can have people that disrupt your meditation or, even if they know it is something you want to do they could talk you out of it. When you have people that are your blockages you have to then question why. Why would they do that?

I feel people could do it intentionally or unintentionally but they are hindering your spiritual growth. When you grow spiritually they may be scared they will loose you. It is possible that you may outgrow them because when you awaken spiritually the things you valued are so important and you want more out of life. You want more spiritually and those people that were material only wont get where you are going. That is okay, not everyone can travel the same path.

There are psychological blockers that can stop you meditating and this could be out of fear. Fear of what you may experience or feel but, you must never ever let fear control your spiritual path. The ego doesn't like change so it puts fear into your mind so you don't become your true self. You need to let the fear go. Do a few gentle minutes of meditation and work up to big meditations. You will see that there isn't anything to fear. High level spirits do not want to do you harm. If in doubt do a protection prayer.

A protection prayer you can say is by James Dillet Freeman shown below:

The Prayer of Protection

Written by James Dillet Freeman

The Light of God surrounds you.

The Love of God enfolds you.

The power of God protects you.

The Presence of God watches over you.

The Mind of God guides you.

The Life of God flows through you.

The Laws of God direct you.

The Peace of God abides within you.

The Joy of God uplifts you.

The Strength of God renews you.

The Beauty of God inspires you.

Wherever you are, God is!

And all is well. Amen

You can change the word God for any other word you may choose or feel comfortable saying.

Lastly you can be spiritually blocked if your chakras are unbalanced or if all of the above is happening to you. It could be an opportune time to get some healing done or pray for healing. It is important you work through why you are being blocked from meditation. Then make positive steps to get past them.

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