I cancelled my gym membership

Yes, you read the title correctly I cancelled my gym membership. It may be so surprising to some because before lockdown I used to be religious in my gym attendance. Some people might think why would you do that when your goal is too loose weight? One of the main reasons is that I moved so, the gym I was attending is a bit far now so something local is more ideal but, joining another new gym isn't something I will do right away.

If the pandemic and lockdowns in 2020 have taught me anything is that the gym is not the only place you can work out in. I found a renewed connection to nature when I just went outside and walked but, it is so rewarding when you have been so creative with your work outs.

During 2020 I had discovered numerous YouTube Videos and work out ideas that made working out at home so convenient. I love how if you set up your environment at your home you create a "no excuses" attitude. I am well aware that this is not the best outcome for everyone that some people still need to go to the gym and they enjoy it but for me this seems to still work.

In 2020 there were things I never thought that I would try and it made me realise that I am capable with out a gym. The limits that I placed on myself were just mental barriers and they are no longer applicable.

When I used to go for a walk I would walk really fast and at times even run for a few minutes. I realised that I could run and push myself but my walks were very different compared to walking on a treadmill like a hamster. I really enjoyed them but then I moved so I have not walked as much as I used to.

I discovered that HIIT training which is High Intensity Interval Training is not all burpees and planks but, there is a world out there especially on YouTube of all different sorts of HIIT training. I will make my way to Burpees and Planks eventually but at the start something low impact was such a god send. It really opened my eyes and this is training that I still do and really enjoy.

I found numerous Aerobic Videos on YouTube and even those that combined HIIT as well as Aerobics or resistance. It made me take notice that you don't need fancy machines or even weights to get a good work out even for muscle strength or toning.

A belief I had about workouts that I totally smashed in 2020 is that I never thought that I would be the person that could do Yoga. I thought someone who had too much weight would not be flexible enough. I found some YouTube videos that really made me challenge that thinking that there are movements anyone can do. I never would have tried any of this if it was not for Lockdown so, maybe COVID19 was a blessing for my work outs because I learned a lot about myself with exercise.

My Favourite Youtube Channel at the moment is The Team Body Project. They have such variety and they do have free videos on YouTube but, I am considering paying for a membership as I get so much out of their workouts. That does seem a contradiction since I cancelled my gym membership but, I think I have graduated from relying on a gym for my work outs. In 2020 realised that I have to rely on me to get my work outs done no matter where I am.

I encourage you to take action in your own works outs and do not limit yourself to conventional thinking. Remember that movement is so important and your body will love and appreciate you with workouts. Exercising is not punishment for eating or for how much you weigh. It is moving so your body can do what it is meant to do. It is not meant to be sitting down all day. Moving is vital so celebrate the capability of what you can do and try something new.

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