Habits and Happiness are Linked

Do you know your bad habits could be making you unhappy? We all want to be happy and, we expect some external influence be it a person or even the lottery to make our lives better when really you have the power to make ourselves happy.

If you are still reading this then I am here to tell you that you don't need an external resolution to make you happy. What you need to do is look at your habits and have an introspective look at what habits are causing you to be be unhappy?

I need to remind you that in a world of social media we are constantly comparing ourselves to these people and their pictures. At times we could be looking at their apparent lifestyle or how they look as well as how they live their lives and if we don't measure up to that then we feel negative emotions that don't really contribute to our happiness.

When you are comparing yourself to those on social media how do you know that it is real. How do you know that their pictures are not photo shopped or that really their lives are not so great as it shows. Appearance are just that, how they want people to see the world. It is not reality. Their apparent successes may be hard work or years of work. No matter what anyone says success requires time and if it is shown as overnight then it is not real.

I think this habit of comparing ourselves also leads into how we think about ourselves and our life. I say this because how we think can greatly construct our views and beliefs. If you have constant negative thoughts then you really can't see how great you are doing or are but, rather you are taking the advice of that little negative noise in your head. I believe breaking the habit of not only comparing yourself but, also how you are thinking can drastically change your life and your thoughts are so important.

These are not the only habits that can affect your happiness. If you have unhealthy habits like drinking, drugs or smoking. These can be affecting your life and if these habits are something that you are experiencing it may be something you have to decide if you want to eliminate it. Only you can make this choice to remove any habit and no one else. Are you enough to remove these habits? Only you can decide.

You do need to make sure any habit that you are removing from your life is for you and for you alone. These habits do not need to be as obvious and, they can be as something simple as the desire to make people happy. Do you need to be needed and have approval? These habits can be subliminal habits that you are self sabotaging yourself and your happiness.

When you decide to live a life that is not real reflection of who you are and you are constantly trying to seek to be a perfect person you ignore your real passions, who you really are and, what you do have. You forget to be grateful.

Self reflection is not being lazy or wasting time but it is a time to evaluate what you are doing that is not contributing to your happiness. You have the key to your life.

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