Goal 2021: Get Back on Track with Weightloss

One of my goals for this year is to make sure I lose weight. I have been on a weight loss journey for 3 years now and I have lost 20kg but I have a long way to go.

It was triggered from a realisations that diseases caused by being over weight are totally preventable and that if I wanted a different outcome than what was in front of me I had to so something.

I was lucky that my brother took me under his wing at the gym and with his knowledge but I wanted to make a change and that is the most important thing in my motivation then and now.

My method has been diet and exercise and that system will continue. The reason I haven't wanted to alter this option is because I have learned so much about food and exercise that it has come as a life change than more about being skinny. Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and mindset is so important.

Christmas, Birthdays, Moving house and Career changes all in December 2020 really put my routine on its head so, this why it is so important now that I get my head into the game and get back on track with my goal to be healthy lose weight, eat well and exercise.

There are procedures, pills and special diets you can do to assist with the journey but nothing will compare to dedication, hard work and ambition. Character building and self respect will be my amory.

I will post my monthly up dates be it good or bad news. What I have learned and what I have done well. It's good to share and be accountable so, if you also want support on your journey if it is tips, venting or just motivation to get healthy reach out to me on my Facebook or Instagram page called "Amy's Getting Healthy" and we can chat.

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