Fitness Tackers - Are They Worth The Hype?

I have had many fitness trackers over the years, I started with the classic Fitbit and when that broke I brought a new Fitbit. Then as the trackers became more sophisticated the world moved to watches that were able to be a phone as well as a fitness tracker, I brought one.

I brought a Samsung Active Watch 2 but, while it is a fantastic gadget I am concerned of the unhealthy attachment we have on data in fitness rather than enjoying being healthy. Most people are not professional atheletes so, do they really need all the information these watches and apps provide? I read an article that said when a study was done of four groups and more specfically where one group had a fitness tracker and a money incentive to use the tracker for a year what they found out was that 90% of partcipants took off their tracker after 6 months even with the money incentive.

We all have our own relationship with our technology these days but are the new fitness trackers/watches becoming more of a hindrance. I can only tell you of my experience with my relationship with fitness trackers. I switched from Fitbit to Samsung because I become obssessed how the fitbit tracked the heart rate. Don't ask me why I did his but this can be a result of having all this data that you become obsessed with it.

I can't tell you how many times I was at 9,000 steps and instead of being happy with what I did that day I would fratically walk around the house to hit 10,000 and if I didn't get near the 10,000 steps it would so disappointing. If something is making your efforts feel less than because of data then its not worth your mental health.

My recent obsession with the Samsung Watch I have is how many steps have I done? Is it recording the stairs properly? How many calories am I burning? Is the data of burnt calories accurate? So many questions but it has resulted in the lack of joy in the process and decreased motivation.

I have made a bold decision in this day in age, where it is ingrained you must have a fitness tracker to be effective. I am going to detox from it. I lost weight with out it before so I know it wont cause me any hinderance. It will help me remove the data and focus on enjoying the movement. That is what it is all about isn't it?

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