Finding Your Peace

We are moving so fast in our world today with 24 hour news cycle streaming into our laptops, televisions, tablets, and mobile phones. We can be contacted on SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whats App, Skype, Zoom, Email and voice calls but we always crave for a little peace. We never seem to be able to find peace but it is the one thing we crave for.

We wake up to rush to the gym, to rush to work, we get mad at the traffic or someone is not going fast enough and then we complain when everything is going too fast.

Don't you think it is time we stop. Stop running on the wheel and take a moment. It is only a moment out of your day to find some peace. Anyone can take 5 minutes.

Once you have made the decision to stop and take a moment of peace the next step is to turn off the devices and put them on silent. Having them on or the sound enabled will make it a temptation to check your phone, to look at your TV and the TV Show that is on.

If you have got this far in finding peace then it shows that you are open to taking this time out for yourself. You need to close your eyes and meditate. Meditation can bring you to center and slow your body and mind down. It isn't a hippie thing or something only spiritual people do. In a lot therapies in this day in age they recognise that meditation is a good tool to assist people in some counselling situations.

You don't need to have a fancy pose or seating position to meditate but you just need to make sure you are comfortable so your limbs are not inhibiting movement and all you need to do if you have not meditated before is to focus on your breath.

It is amazing once you take the time to bring yourself to center that you find some peace. It will help you see things with more clarity and, not only will you feel more focused it will allow you to manage your emotions.

There is something about meditation that will change your life. I can assure you that once you experience the peace meditation can bring that you wont be the same. It will open your heart and mind.

Don't you think that you are worth the time and effort to find that peace with meditation. How long can you keep moving in the same direction, at the same pace and keep the momentum. When things seem so crazy in this world don't you think it is worth a try to make a difference in your life.

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