Expand Your Experiences

Before Covid19, before businesses closed and we all went into isolation I would talk about things that I wanted to try. I would go to the gym but, I would always wanted to try running, or yoga. I always thought my weight would hold me back from running or doing yoga and even worse I thought these things were for skinny people.

I defiantly knew that even if I couldn't go to the gym I would still work out but I never had to test my theory, until now. I had to be creative with my work outs by looking into exercise videos on YouTube and, this allowed me to try different workouts. This included kick boxing, boxing, boxing cardio and even yoga. I tried yoga videos and it may have not been technically correct but I really enjoyed it and I felt safe doing it in my own home. I had even tried running and the idea I had many years ago that maybe I wasn't supposed to run was a fallacy.

The most common theme I have heard during this time when people are working at home is how much they cannot stop eating. I thought that I would be in the same position but I have found it to be completely false. Not only have I done intermittent fasting but, I have tried vegetarian meals and, I have cut out some junk food completely. Expanding your ideas of food and trying something different can change how you relate to food.

There are people that are not travelling as much, due to the current environment and a lot of people are working from home. You may have a lot more time on your hands and wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity to learn something new. Is there is something you had always wanted to learn? This is the right time to explore increasing your knowledge.

I have learned in this time during lock down that sometimes you have to expand your experiences. There is no use to talking about wanting to do something and always wondering about it. I am here to tell you to try it. If there is always something you wanted to do then try it. You wont loose anything by trying new things. It may lead you into directions you never thought of.

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