Do You Feel Foggy? Do You Feel Out of Sorts? Are you Drained?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

I know what is like at this point in time to be working from home and then having limited movement allowed due to Covid19, then you also have people as well as the news spreading negative messages. It can seem to all too much to handle and even affect people's energy. A lot of people are feeling this way and they are trying to make something good out of a bad situation.

Sometimes it is hard to see positive things when you are concerned about your job, and even your health. Right now more than ever we need to have faith in something. I find those that have no grounding in a higher power do struggle with understanding why things that we perceive as negative happen.

I wish I can tell you that faith can remove any illness and disease. Sometimes that is so and sometimes it isn't. I can tell you that faith can help you be strong spiritually to endure the trials and tribulations. Jesus as he faced the cross prayed to god to take away the pain that he new he was to endure. God didn't take it away. Jesus endured it because he had faith in God's Plan.

I am not saying you have to believe in Jesus but it is a practical application that there is a purpose for our enduring these trials and tribulations. If we didn't jump all the hurdles we have faced in our life we may not be the same person we are today. These difficulties make us who we are and, as we face these difficult times it should bring you closer to spirit not away from it.

There will be people who will be negative and try to dissuade you from being close to spirit. I am telling you in your greatest darkness the spirits in heaven are there to support you. You have to ask. People forget that we have free will. No spirit is going to force their love and affection or help for that matter on to us. If we just pray to angels, spirit or what you name your higher power and ask for help. You will receive the strength to endure.

God or the spirits can not fix your credit card debt and can't remove the pain from your joints. He can help you provide clarity and support. If you pray to remove the pain from your joints, the spirits may tell you to see a doctor or take your medication. If you need support then you may hear a advertisement for counselling on the radio. Many times we pray but then we do forget spirit provides you the answers but we are so in our head that we do not see the messages spirit provides to us.

My wish for you today is that you pray for what relief you need and you listen to the answers given. If you feel you wont be able to hear or see the answer then always reach out for help. You are not alone.

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