Covid Poem

I pinch myself to wake up,

This is a dream,

It can't be real

Is it really happening?

We fight for food and amenities,

We fear to hit the streets,

We have a curfew,

And we can't leave.

We are scared of each other and the view,

I cant believe it

I cant believe it still.

This is the stuff of movies

Of the end of the world

But Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis can not save this world.

When all seems dark,

We look for light

We look for reason

We look for insight.

Mother nature and God

They have made a deal,

Humans have had their time

Our actions were the seal.

We are no longer wanted,

We are not wanted here.

Should we be surprised

Not at all,

Our last hurrah

Our last call,

To prove we deserve this planet,

Before we make way,

For the next evolved human.

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