Are you happy?

If the external world no longer provides you with the satisfaction you enjoyed once before? This could be a sign. A sign things are shifting.

These times that we are living in are extraordinary and it is making people think of what is really important. People will either rise to the occasion and reach new levels or they wont.

Some will start to open their eyes and see the world anew. Those that keep their eyes closed will be left behind because we are going through a spiritual awakening. The world, the earth is telling us to wake up.

How many catastrophes can you go through before you actually realise that the Earth wants you to wake up? The spirit wants you to wake up.

External worldly possessions mean nothing if you do not have your physical or mental health.

People who show their world on social media is just that a show. It is not real. You don't know if these celebrities or instagram famous people actually are happy.

If you are starting to ask questions about these issues then you are not alone. You are like Keanu Reeves in Matrix. You have taken the red pill.

Now your eyes are open where do you go from here. These are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Start reading. Fill your mind, body and soul with knowledge. Dont limit your yourself to one way of thinking or one religious dogma. Expand your knowledge on all religions of the world.

  2. Start Meditation. It is in these quiet moments we get the most inspiring realisations.

  3. Start being authentic. Be yourself. You are enough. You are love and loved.

Remember you are on a journey and this requires you to take one step in front of the other.

Enjoy the journey but remember it is your journey. Don't expect people to be on the same path as you. You need to accept those you love whether it is your partner or family may not want to be involved and my advice is do not push your ideas if they aren't willing to discuss the issues with you. You can be excited to share this new path but you need to be open and receptive with the hope one day they may ask the question.

Acceptance of people no matter their spiritual progress is important.

Its time to start growing into a beautiful flower.

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