What You Need to Know

Since I was a young child I was always fascinated with spirituality. My first memory as a young child I remember being asleep and in the middle of the night when I woke up, I saw a man in my room. He was a spirit but, it scared me so much I ran to my mum’s room. After telling my mum what happened she said half asleep “don't worry he has gone”. I would often get nightmares and my poor mum would have to explain the dreams to me so I could go back to sleep. Over the years I have had to learn, read and educate myself on the world of spirituality.

Over the many years I have gone from treating my body with no respect and you get the point in your life when you can no longer live the same way. You must make decisions to love yourself and your body or, you will find the next body you live in will be of just energy.


Once I began getting healthy, I realised how much I can achieve if I set my mind to it. I am still on the journey of weight loss and fitness but I believe there will never be a finish line. I will always want to do better and be better, always looking to challenge myself. I want to share all I have learned on fitness, body health, mindset, and wellbeing. 

How you treat your body whether it is good and bad can reflect in your mindset and in your spirit. Alternatively, if you have a good mindset it can help you achieve your goals in any area of your life. A good mind frame is the key to being happy in your personal, professional and spiritual life.

Keep an eye on this blog, read the articles and I want to help you be informed changing it for the better.